Saturday, September 1, 2007

Lydie Petit - Flamenco Dancer

Lydie Petit has been dancing and performing since early childhood. Born in France, she trained in contemporary dance with Paris group, Chorespace before expanding her repertoire to include Ballet, Modern, and Flamenco.  

Since migrating to Australia in 2005, Lydie has trained intensively with Diana Reyes Flamenco studio.  Lydie's strong passion for performing and choreography has lead her to fuse and play with many styles of dance. 

Lydie Petit is the winner of the Audi Art Prize 2007, for her interpretation in dance of the iconic design and athletic performance of the new Audi TT Coupe. With the Audi Art Prize entry she has taken the opportunity to further develop the idea of mixing contemporary and classic styles with the creation of the dance piece “Exhale”. 

The dance and choreography is an amalgamation of Flamenco and Contemporary styles, technology and fluidity, style and movement. The choreography performed by Petit in the 88-second film entitled 'Exhale' represents a series of breaths, building to a moment of tension at the point of suspension and finally exploding with a burst of manic energy on the exhale.

SLAFF Sydney Latin American Film Festival

The latin American Film Festival is a not-for profit festival made up of community members working together on a Volunteer basis. The organisers all share a common interest in Latin American culture and who have backgraunds in Arts, Independent Media, Film and Community Cultural Development.

The 2nd Sydney Latin American Film Festival this year raised over $10,000 for community development organisations in Australia and Latin America. Thank you to everyone who supported the Festival and came along. This amazing fundraising success possible due to your support of the Festival. 

Samba Girls Batucada

The first and only girl brazilian percussion group to hit the sydney scene.
The band is an exotic fusion of sensuality, vibrant energy, freedom and a
celebration of life.
The wild sounds of brazil and afro brazilian beats will make you release
your inhibitions as you move to the beats of the drums,
let us take your adrenaline to another level.
For more information or bookings please contact:
Timbalada 0406 738 507 or Claudia 0404 957 500

Tatlers - How to get there?

169 Darlinghurst Road
King Cross

Ticket Booking Process

The entry to the night is $20.