Monday, September 3, 2007

Help from the heART - What is it?

Warming up Sydney in Spring...

Help From the HeART

This Latin celebration of music, art and dance is for one night only at Tatlers 169 Darlinghurst Road 28th September. Expect the underground club to come alive with a flurry of flamenco dance, Latin music, photography and that unique, vivacious, Latin lust for life!

“It was only a dream... but I’m amazed how far it’s come,” says Sandra Morales, who with Lina Saenz and Caroline Arditti came up with the event to help the Colombian group Fundacion para el nino sordo (Deaf Children Foundation). The non profit organisation educates children with hearing disabilities who can’t afford an education. 

“It’s going to be a crazy party,” says Sandra. “During the night there will be a photography exhibition, videos and music. With dancing naturally!  Fiery flamenco and salsa, with performances from Lydie Petit who is one of the best contemporary flamenco dancers... There are also free Salsa classes from 9.30 if you’ve ever wanted to learn!”

Music is also the life of Colombia, with performances from Vicente Sebastian, Vincent, percussionist and conga player from latin Funk band “Bemba” is bringing Sydney’s best sounds for the night...Think raw, percussive, electronic latin sounds. Think deep house with latin/English vocals. Think Phat Bass, thumping percussion – music that makes you move  

Artists include Lydie Petit, Soledad, Vicente Sebastian (Bemba, Reyes de la onda, Ministry of sound, Watussi), Merenia (Bemba, reyes de la Onda, Paul Mac), Adm Ventoura (Bemba, Reyes de la onda, Jon Stevens, Guy Sebastian), Oscar Jimenez (Watussi, Reyes de la Onda),

Danielito ( Club Havana Band, Reyes de la onda), Carlos Velazquez (Australian Idol, Oz Locos), Zonk (La Fiesta sound system), Claudio Cartagena (Samba Batucada) and DJ Man About Town.

“It will be like going to Colombia for one night – it’s a beautiful country, but things are very tough... lots of problems and 60% of the population live in poverty... if we can do something to help the people, we must do it. Australia is a wonderful country, but it would be so nice to show Sydney some of the Colombian culture, and help out a good charity at the same time.”

All profits from this night will be donated to the Deaf Children Foundation – keeping the dream alive to provide some of Colombia’s neediest with the skills and tools to learn and live despite their hearing difficulties. Situated in the outskirts of Colombia’s capital Bogota, the school caters to 140 children from kindergarten to high school. The foundation survives mainly on donations to continue to this amazing work. For more information visit and brush up on your Spanish!

However, if you’d like to work on Spanish Appreciation, the “Help from the HeART” night might be the best way to dip your toes in the best parts of Colombian culture.

“We’re doing a collective thing,” says Vicente. “There will be lots of people from the community,  with an emphasis on latin music.. We are bringing the best young fresh players to come and fuse the music. Think Latin singers, funk guitarists, hiphop, a huge night of music.”

 “This is about helping Colombia, and having a great time doing it,” says Sandra. “It’s a beautiful thing what they do. I like the idea of combining art and helping people.”

"Help from the heART asks artists and friends to become for one night part of a project that supports community development organisations around the world. It also helps to promote peace, tolerance and reconciliation.”

“We do not only to raise money, we raise consciousness"


Admission $20. Friday 28th September.
Tatlers, 169 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.
More information is available at contact Sandra Morales on 0432 534 065 or Caroline Arditti on 0424 568 491

Sponsored by SLAFF (Sydney Latin American Film Festiva), Viva Magazine, Sydney’s only Latin Magazine, Tatles and Picante Latin Dance School

9.30 to 10.30 - Free Salsa Lessons.

10.30 to 1.30 - Music/Dancing.

1.30 to 3am – DJ Man About Town

Photography/Video exhibitions all night.

Help from the heART - About us

Caroline Arditti
Event Manager
Born French, Caroline has lived 20 years of her life in Paris before heading to Sydney in 2004. She belongs to the event industry and has a real passion for it! People usually refer her as "The Crazy Social Butterfly"...Always happy to discover new & funky places and new faces, Caroline knows how to make the most out of every hour. She founds all her energy in dancing and believes it is also a way of relaxation. Her multiple travels  & unique encounters haved allowed her to start organizing  private parties; most them being fundraising nights for different associations (Bollywood Night for the Cancer Foundation in 2006). She is now ready to take on another challenge and become the Event Manager of Help from the heART; a reunion of three souls ready to give their time to help South America. She is proud to present the first event Friday the 28th of September : "Travel to America Latina for a night" at Tatlers.

Sandra Morales
Creator of Help from the heART
Colombia: Past = Memories, Present = Ayudarte con Arte (Help from the heART),
Future = Both. 
Argentina, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, and Thailand: a journey to discover what is illusion and what is reality. Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Andalucía, Cuba, Africa, India, Tibet: mi asignatura pendiente... the journey continues…
Flamenco: passion, expression, emotion, posture, movement, the connection between the body and soul… la forma en que el Alma se expresa…Cine y literatura: mis otras dos grandes pasiones.....

Community Support Manager

A proudly colombian who feels fortunate and greatful not only for the amazing things she has experienced but also because she is consious of the many people who unfortunately don't have the same opportunity as her to be happy.

Based on this and having as inspiration her beautiful mother who has dedicated her life working with so much love for the deaf children's foundation, she decided to give more meaning to her life by helping through "Help from the heart" the people less fortunate who also want and deserve to achieve their dreams.

ICAL Fundation para el nino sordo (Deaf children Foundation)

Fundación para el niño sordo (Deaf Children Foundation), is an amazing Colombian non profit organization created in 1961 with the purpose of educating children with hearing disabilities who unfortunately don’t have the economic resources to afford education. 

The foundation has a simple but beautiful campu

s located in the outskirts of Bogota (Colombia’s capital city), where the school operates with 140 children attending from kindergarten to high school. Thanks to the support of outstanding and experienced staff and also specialist equipment the foundation has been offering the best possible rehabilitation and education to the children. This gives them the option to learn through either oral communication or sign language according to their abilities. 

All these efforts will allow the children to communicate despite their hearing disabilities, and be able to study a career, perform a job and fulfil all their dreams as the right of all human beings. 

The school has obtained the resources to offer the best quality education and rehabilitation in two ways: Firstly through an Institution called ICAL (Colombian Hearing and Language Institution), which was created in 1989 to offer specialist hearing, optical, and rehabilitation services to all the citizens. Secondly through donations received from private companies and the hearts of beautiful people who decide to contribute to this amazing work.

However the foundation relies heavily on donations in order to provide the care and support that the children deserve. Not only to keep giving these 140 children the rehabilitation and education they need, but also to help many more children who dream about the opportunity to study and be treated as human beings.

If you want to know more information about the foundation please visit the website At the moment the web page is in Spanish but the foundation is currently working to offer an English version.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Watussi Group

One of the most dynamic and exciting live bands to come out of Sydney, "Watussi" (pronounced: WAH-too-SEE, Cuban slang meaning 'the most handsome man at the party'), have rocked to sold out shows and blown away audiences with their riff based funked-up Latin Hip Hop since forming only three years ago.

Lead by Colombian born Oscar Jimenez, it wasn't long after the first gigs as a fully formed 8 (eight) piece that the wild live shows, energizing original compositions and ability to cross genres saw them playing major venues and street festivals. The mix of Latin percussion with raw guitar and phat bass gives "Watussi" a unique sound and edge that defines the experience of one of their live shows.

With the independent releases of two EPs: the first in November 04 entitled "The Fling of the Major Bling", and the second in March 06 "Decide Yourself", "Watussi" have received airplay on Triple J, 3RRR, 3PBS, FBI, 2SER, Eastside Radio, Radio Adelaide, Fresh FM, SBS National and Bondi FM. The composition "Cumbiambero", was also used in a short film released in 2004.

Our fans have seen a huge rise in exposure of the band in the last year with national touring and major festivals now a part of the regular performances.

A remix project featuring top Sydney DJs Will Styles (Funktrust Radio Triple J), Regal (FunkWeapons, Wiseguys), Noodles, Noel Boogie and pH has just been released for April 2007 on the new label "Fresh Jams".


"Watussi have a sound that is anything but common. (Watussi) has a global feel the Cat Empire only wish they had."

Drum Media 14/8/06


"Sydney band Watussi is a prime example of what it takes to make it in the Australian music industry."

The Sunday Telegraph 12/3/06


"'s not just a party, it's a Watussi party!"

Drum Media 28/2/06


"Musically, the group was immaculate, and their carefree party attitude stitched up a first-rate performance." 7/4/06


"The love children of Lenny Kravitz, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Ozomatli..."

BEMBA - "Beats, bass, percussion, voice"

BEMBA is a new hybrid sound out of Sydney,Australia.Their latin electro soul blends Afro-Cuban rhythms,soulful vocals in English and Spanish with fat beats mixing hip hop,reggaeton and broken beat house.

MERENIA(vocals/mc/percussion) Paul Mac,Love Tattoo,The Bamboos,Watussi,Richard Earnshaw,Kate Munroe,SoundConducterz,Reyes dela Onda,the Word

VICENTE SEBASTIAN(vocals/mc/percussion) Watussi,Soul Central(UK),Chuck Love(US),Groove Assasin,Samba la Casa(UK Ministry of Sound)Love Tattoo,Reyes dela Onda,The Word

ADM VENTOURA (vocals/bass/cavaquinho/percussion) Jon Stevens,Guy Sebastian,Kate Ceberano,Vika and Linda,Reyes dela Onda,Armandito y su trovason,Rumberos,Los Cabrones,The Bamboos,Darryl Beaton,Decland Kelly,The Hands,The Word,Love Tattoo

DJ Man About Town

Known for his eclectic mix of party tunes, Latin grooves,  dance floor beats and accessible crowd friendly sets, DJ Man About Town has a CV as diverse as one of his usual sets.

From NYE parties at Opera Bar and Wildfire to featuring as a Latin DJ at Beck’s Bar for Sydney Festival and Good Vibrations Festival 2007 to playing regular sets at Fringe Bar, Cargo, Establishment, Soda Bar, Sackville, Albion and many more, his extensive experience is obvious in his versatility and love of music.

 This versatile approach to DJing sees him accompanying musicians in the ‘Sound System’ style popular in many of Sydney’s top club and bars. He has played with musicians from Martini Club, DIG, Watussi, Matanza, La Fiesta with instruments ranging from congas, trumpets, saxes and too many singers to mention.

For all DJ enquiries, please contact the above address and allow at least a few weeks in advance to secure a booking.